Rixton-with-Glazebrook Community Hall
The idea of building a village hall was first discussed by Bernard Eaves and George Wilkinson (WRD Councillors), Albert Brewer (Chairman of the Parish Council)                 and Bill Morrison (Clerk to the Warrington Rural District).
From the original idea the first meeting was held in the Church Schoolroom and Mr Albert Brewer was appointed chairman.

The financing of the hall was expected to be as follows
Warrington Rural District
Ministry of Education and Science
Hall Committee (Village)


During the next few years many fund raising efforts were carried out - the main one being a lottery which most of the village joined in.  It raised £5,000 over 5 years.                                             
In 1971 when the tenders to build were received, it became apparent that the finances were way off the mark because inflation, which reached 18% at one time, had nearly doubled the amount thought necessary, to approaching £40,000.

Talks with the Rural District Clerk to sort out the difficulty took place at various times, resulting in the RDC increasing its grant considerably, providing the Parish Council made a substantial contribution, and the village increased its share as well.
We were lucky that Warrington Rural District was due to amalgamate with Warrington Borough in the near future and was keen to support this venture.
The builders were Surcon Builders at a cost of £36,592.
Of course there were many extras over and above this amount.

During the building of the hall it was noticed that the car park boundary was about 25 yards short of the dual carriageway. On enquiries it was found that this piece of land was owned by British Steel. We approached them with an offer to purchase.

In reply they sent us a plan of the area showing the land they owned.
This is outlined in black on the plan. They insisted that we purchase the complete area at a cost of £250.
So in order to obtain the piece of land we required, we agreed.

Later trees were planted on this land by the Parish Council, followed a short while later by the planting of more trees by the Duke of Westminster’s Woodland Trust.

The money raised to pay for the hall, architect and furniture etc, was as follows:

Warrington Rural District
Rixton-with-Glazebrook Parish Council
Ministry of Education and Science
Hall Committee (Village)


Shortly after the hall was built, two things happened to put us on our feet.
Two ladies on the committee, Mrs N. Atherton and Mrs D. Burgess formed a catering section,
This catering committee raised £53,000 for the hall over an 18 year period.

The second was that Mrs D. Herridge started a Sequence Dancing Class and donated the
admission money to the hall. Over a 22 year period she donated approximately £20,000.

We were very fortunate to have such dedicated ladies working for the hall.
Mrs Doreen Herridge received the B.E.M. in 2012 in recognition of her voluntary work
on behalf of various organisations.